At Solid Perfume Co. we produce clean, sustainability focused and beautifully crafted solid perfumes you can take anywhere. Based in the UK and Australia, we have three core values

| Sustainability

| Quality

| Customer Experience

Our Mission

We aim to re-imagine how you think about perfume and make Solid Perfume Co. your must have daily companion.

Perfume doesn't need to be liquid or bulky, doesn't need to be confiscated at airport security, doesn't need to be overpowering in the morning, non existent in the afternoon and certainly doesn't need to contain 90% water and alcohol.

At Solid Perfume Co. we do perfume differently. 

Our Products

The Scents

Working with our perfumer and using combinations of fresh, floral, spice, fruits, woods and musk ingredients we have created an exciting range of perfumes which we know you will love.

Inspired by some of the top fragrances in the world, you can be assured that you will smell sensational when wearing a Solid Perfume Co. scent.

The Base

The base of our perfumes are made from a carefully crafted blend of Cocoa, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Beeswax. Together these ingredients form a nourishing and protective layer on your skin when applied and last 4x longer than a normal perfume.

All our fragrances are made from ingredients approved by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) whose standards are built around the safe use of fragrance ingredients. We are also paraben free and palm oil free.

Our Packaging

We value the planet and we don't believe in throw away fashion. That's why we have invested in our high quality metal cases and made them refillable. 

This means that you can have multiple scents, switch them over for work or play and when you run out -  simply order a refill and slot it into your case.

Our Promise

We truly believe you will love our products and we put every effort into ensuring we use the best and most sustainable ingredients and packaging in all our products.

However, if you aren't 100% happy, we will provide a refund no questions asked and would love to hear your feedback.